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Crack Repair & Sealing

Crack Sealing is the process of sealing a crack in an asphalt surface with a hot liquid rubber, that prevents water from seeping through to the asphalt base layers. Cracks that are not addressed can turn into potholes or alligator areas.  The rubber used is heated up to around 400 degrees degrees Fahrenheit and is hot applied to the crack to allow good adhesion to the sides of the crack.  



Prolonging Pavement Life

  • By sealing the cracks, water can't damage the base layer or get under the pavement and freeze, creating alligator cracked areas. 


Why Crack Seal?

  • Sunlight is a good example of a cause of oxidation in the asphalt pavement. This can cause cracking within the asphalt surface. With asphalt being mostly aggregate and only 5-6% asphalt cement, is very susceptible to the elements. Other causes of oxidation in the pavement is cold & warm weather and the rain, which can cause the asphalt to harden and shrink.

Saving Money

  • Crack sealing can double the life of your payment. With being in a four season climate with a freeze and thaw cycle, it is especially important to keep water out from getting under the pavement, which can lead to alligator cracks.  

Crack Sealants 

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